My sweet abyss

This is a poem that I wrote at the end of an abusive relationship while still trying to battle my mental health issues. I hope you enjoy! ©Dizzicizzi poetry

My Sweet Abyss.

Sweet poison I couldn’t live without,
Needing your sting upon my lips,
Drinking with dizziness from the pleasure,
Of falling deeper still into the kiss,

The bite that told me drink no more,
Yet more and more I drank with greed,
I sought you, wanted you, was consumed by you,
Lost and hopeless in my need.

I wished to feel your fire in my veins,
Lose myself in your oblivion.
Poison that so sweetly kills,
In ecstasy from purest sin,

Gently sponging life from deep inside,
I wished poison did not please my soul,
Drinking, feeding all the while,
Replacing heart with vacant hole,

I should smile for my second chance,
I was saved and just in time,
The poison nearly had me gone,
Almost blinded me to what was mine,

So why do I curse the one who saved me?
Who pulled me away from poisoned kiss,
Why did it hurt to be saved so unwillingly,
And taken from my sweet abyss?


Well this is new!

Hello there world! Welcome to my blog.

Here in my first blog I am just going to outline what I am hoping to achieve by doing this. I am hoping that I may be able to get rid of some of the stigma in relation to mental illness, especially towards people with the same diagnosis as me… The dreaded borderline personality disorder. I hope that by sharing some of my poetry I can prove that people with mental illness are talented, functioning, productive, likeable, ultimately normal people! We are not the weirdos lurking in the bushes, or the crazy lady throwing cats at passers by, we are just like you! We infiltrate normal society every day, I may be the person sitting beside you right now, tapping away on my iPhone, on a bus, in a queue, in a waiting room. I could be anywhere, anyone and you would never know. A bit scary that, isn’t it?

I do hope that somewhere along the way that people will enjoy reading my poetry and perhaps have a giggle at my little rants. I want people to enjoy reading about mental health, to normalise it and make it approachable. I may fail miserably, but you know what? I am going to give it a lash anyway! Watch this space 🙂